Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm not calling it a day yet.

Thanks, Alexis and Becca. You made me feel better. I might go back to bed now. Which is what I need to do, even though it's really hard to believe that after how much sleep I've gotten today.

Meanwhile, I picked out a new filing system from The Container Store, and was just about to order it, when I noticed it's available at my local store. Which means if I can drag myself out, I don't have to pay for shipping or wait for it to arrive. Perfect. The store also happens to be right next to the restaurant with my favorite soup. So maybe Michael will take me there tonight.

I also ordered a shoe rack. It's not a very exciting one, but it will use space more effectively.

I also found these cute little hook thingies that I really love. I'm not buying them yet, because I don't really need them. But I'm going to keep them in mind just in case a need arises.

I still have an idea in mind that if I take the smallest thing on my list...say de-cluttering the purses...then I won't lose today. Remember...I have 10 things left on the de-cluttering list and only 12 days (including today) left to do them in. And some of them are really big! My goal is so in reach that I don't want to let it go.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to think about what next month's focus is going to be.  I'm excited about the cooking/cleaning challenge, especially since my apartment will be de-cluttered and organized, which means it will be a good time to find a system for keeping it clean. seems more realistic to do the cooking challenge after school is out so I don't have to juggle cooking with being on duty in the dorm. Health Eating/Low Sugar Intake seems like it would be more successful after I get used to cooking. Learning Danish still feels intimidating, but given that we're going to Denmark in July, it would be smart to start learning sooner rather than later to leave room for additional learning and practice.  Being low-tech is an option, but actually seems sort of un-ambitious after the de-cluttering efforts. Will it really make much difference in my life? And February is a really busy month at work (application reading) so I'm not sure I can imagine really investing in the Meditation/Me Time challenge.  Intimacy/Connections and Boundaries/Balance seem a little vague now. I might have to flesh them out a little.

What do you guys think I should focus on for February?? What will YOU focus on?


Alexis said...

What about doing the cooking and cleaning as separate challanges? I think they are big enough undertakings on their own. Especially because of the seems to naturally follow decluttering to me. Cooking could get pretty stressfull if you already have a cleaning challange as it is very time consuming when you are new at it...My improved cooking efficiency means that Rachael Ray's 30 minute meals now take me 60 minutes instead of 90, but still alot of time.

Melisa K. said...

I see your point. The reason I put them together is that I don't think I can reasonably cook more than three nights per week, so the cleaning gives me something to focus on during the off days so I don't feel like I'm failing. And the cleaning is mostly about setting up systems. It does seem natural to come after de-cluttering, but I've been cleaning as I go, so I definitely couldn't spend a whole month on cleaning at this point. Unless I just have an evening routine and do it for 30 days to make it a habit. But that doesn't feel like such an exciting challenge.