Friday, January 22, 2010

I have goals today.

I'm still sick. No fever, but an alarming cough that actually made me start crying last night because it makes my head hurt so badly when I cough.  But January is dwindling away while I lay helplessly on the couch. And I am not helpless! (At least, not in the war against clutter.)

So today, I have goals.

Goal 1: I will do the dishes. It will take ten minutes tops, and it's the only part of the previously de-cluttered and cleaned areas that hasn't been maintained. I refuse to be foiled so easily.

Goal 2: I will de-clutter the purses/bags. There's only 4 or 5 of them. If I am ruthless, it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes, and I can do it on the couch.

Goal 3: The filing. This will take a while, because I have to decide what's okay to toss, come up with the new "right" folders, and transfer everything to the new system (hopefully it will fit) before filing all new stuff that's been stockpiled since last year when I did filing last. This will also help prepare me to get taxes done. But once I bring all the stuff I need into the hallway, I can sit mostly still and work on it. And, if it bleeds into dorm duty time, I have easy access to answering the door.

The trick is that I can't move that much without coughing, and I get exhausted really quickly. So my plan is to doze for 45 minutes now...then do the dishes. Then I'll have lunch on the couch, and watch a show on DVR, giving myself another 42 minutes of rest. It should be around 1:15 then, and I'll do the purses, then take a nap. I'll have to wake up with enough time to shower before going on duty at 4:15, so I don't scare the students. Then I'll start the filing project, which can spill over into the night.

There. I have a plan. Off to doze I go. See you soon?


Alexis said...

Will you stop it and rest, dammitt?!!!!

Melisa K. said...

yeah, it's 2:26 and so far all I've done is rest. and if I weren't impossibly hot, I'd keep resting. instead, I'll shower and do the dishes and purses. we'll see if I make it to the filing tonight.