Tuesday, January 26, 2010


yeah, blogging is less fun when people don't comment. it's still working in terms of keeping me writing and holding myself accountable for the de-cluttering goals. but it's less fun. maybe it's time to go viral and share this blog with lots and lots of people. then again, maybe i just need to make it more interesting. maybe the war on clutter just isn't the most compelling read. i'll admit it's possible. =)


A Little Irish Girl said...

Maybe one of your challenges should be to develop some internal motivation ;)

runningwiththejig said...

I have had a hard time posting. I'm eager to see what happens with the "back room!" Take lots of pictures as you go through it!

Melisa K. said...

you're right, Erin. And I have found some internal motivation...because the more I get done, the more excited I get and the more inspired I am to try more.

But it still is a little more fun when you're in it with others. Like how when you're on a diet, it's much easier with a buddy. Or exercising.

See? It's not just me.

But I do think by the end of this year, I should have a lot more internal motivation. Which, if I'm really honest, I haven't had much of before. I've kind of faked it, but I've been a big approval-seeker pretty much my whole life. So yeah, I can work on that.