Sunday, January 24, 2010

So there, Saturday.

Hey there. Guess what? I didn't give up on today. I made myself some mini-pizzas, put on a seriously disturbing lifetime movie about a teen pregnancy pact, and set about de-cluttering my computer. It's not TOTALLY done, of course--that would take years. But--the two drives that had no space left are done, and that includes all of my thousands of pictures. So that's quite the accomplishment. I haven't burned them onto discs...I'm not sure how useful that is, since they may just get scratched anyway. But all of my pictures are backed up on an external drive, and I've kept only more recent ones that I might actually want to access on my local computer. As an added bonus, I cleared up my desktop. If I did my documents, I'd consider the computer done, but I'm not sure I care that much about that, since there's plenty of room there and I'm hoping to get a new laptop in the not-so-distant future, which will give me a clean slate.

Having done this means that it will be easier to organize/order/frame pictures, which is one of the remaining things on my to-do list. It will also make it easier to start my Year Two of Marriage book, which was a goal of mine...maybe during the "creating" month...oohhhh...hopefully I'll edit my wedding video during that month too! That would feel like an accomplishment (only two years later).

So there, Saturday. Tomorrow, I'll have to pick something easy, because I have a boatload of college counseling stuff to do, have to get dorm snacks and groceries, and promised the girls we would bake cookies in the afternoon.  And, since I'm still coughing up a storm, I'll probably get a slow start to the day.  Especially since it's nearly 1:30 am now. sigh.

So...maybe purses/bags and the bedroom (there's not much left in there). If I get really ambitious, I'll start phase one of the picture frame project.

And try to convince Michael to do his clothes. =/

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